Our Staff


Martha – Optometric Assistant

Martha has been working with Dr. Fielding since 1984. She is our patient’s favorite person to work with and for good reason. There is not a question she can’t answer or a problem she can’t solve. If you struggle finding the best contact lenses for you, Martha is the professional you want to see.



Marsha – Optician

Marsha has been in the optical industry for six years now and can fix any frame issue you have! She was in business management for over 32 years and patients ask for her by name everyday. What her coworkers love most about Marsha, is she treats everyone like a friend.


Kelsey – Office Manager

Kelsey has been working with Dr. Fielding for eight years and loves working at Campus Optical. Specializing in insurance and billing, Kelsey can ease your mind when it comes to complicated insurance issues. Kelsey is a mother of three and loves her husband and two puppies.


Karin – Optician

Karin has been in the Optical industry for over two years. You would never know it was that short of time because she is an absolute PRO. She can fix most any frame issue and can answer any contact lens question. She also works with insurance and billing and can even work any of the optometric machines. Karin is a mother of 5 lovely girls, has a great husband, and LOVES to cook.



Mariah – Optometric Technician / Optician

Mariah is our secret weapon here at Campus Optical. She is currently Pre-optometry at UCO and plans on attending Optometry school in Texas. At only 20 years old, there is not a job at Campus Optical Mariah CAN’T do. From insurance, to optician repairs, finding the perfect contacts, using the optometric equipment… Mariah will make a great Dr. one day.



Megan – Optometric Technician

Megan is going on two years at Campus Optical. Megan loves learning as much as she can about contact lenses. It really shows when she assists in even the most complicated contact situation. She works full time here and also attends massage therapy school in the evenings.



Angela – Optometric Technician

Angela is Pre-Optometry at UCO and is currently obtaining a bachelor’s in Chemistry. She plans on attending Northeastern after graduating to become an Optometrist. Angela currently works at Campus Optical as an optician fixing frames and setting up prescriptions and also working all of the optometric equipment.

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